Important Considerations of Flameless Candles

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It could be a romantic candle lit dinner, a soothing flicker of a flame when enjoying a relaxing bath, or a way to wind down after a busy week. It is easy to attribute the light of a candle to good memories and happy times. Candles are a foolproof gift to purchase or item to stock up on. But what about the dangers they pose? There have been countless instances where the very same experiences described above have ended in a fire, endangering yourself, and the ones you love. Now there is a way to preserve everything your customers love about candles, and remove all danger and risk involved. Flameless candles can make this possible.
When someone considers changing over to flameless candles, there are some things to consider, ensuring they aren’t disappointed by their purchase. First, your customer should be happy with the look of the flameless candle. The life of the candle is also important to avoid constant maintenance of the product. Finally, they should be completely satisfied with the safety of the product.

The Look       

The goal of any flameless candle should be to mimic the look of a real candle as closely as possible. If you can look at a flameless candle and right away know that it is fake, there is no point in buying it. A good flameless candle should use a material other than plastic or silicone. Wax is the best material for the candle to be, as real candles are made out of the same material. The flame of a regular candle should be replaced with a lifelike light in the flameless candle. This means it should not be a stagnant light and should dance and flicker the way a real flame would. In order to ensure you are providing the real look of a candle, a wick at the top of the product should be visible as well.

The Hardware

What is inside a flameless candle is as important as the outside. Usually these candles operate on batteries, this makes them mobile and avoids the unattractive electric cord. The life of a flameless candle can be up to 3000 hours on a single pair of batteries from the best suppliers. The longer a candle can run on batteries, the less your customers will need to replace them, and ultimately a long candle life will save them money and drive repeat purchases from your store. Having the ability to control the candle setting remotely is an added benefit. This can be achieved by having it connected to a remote control, or for there to be a timer set for the candle which would decrease wasted battery life. When your customers are buying bulk amounts of candles, a timer can help ensure they are in sync with one another.  If the candle runs on LED lighting, you are not only encouraging a long life, but it also means the product is environmentally conscious, which is something all buyers can feel good about.

The Safety

By eliminating flame candles in your store you are effectively eliminating any possibility of one causing a fire. That easy change could mean your customers avoid a horrible tragedy. Choose flameless candles and preserve the esthetic appeal to candles without any of the worry or danger.

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